training & professional development

We are committed to developing the touring sector in our region, and one of the ways we do this is by delivering a variety of development opportunities for both venues and artists from across the South East of England.

We work with partners from arts organisations working in specific fields to provide training both in person and online to improve the in-house knowledge in organisations throughout the region.

We run training on many different fields, primarily linked to Programming, Marketing & Venue Operations, and have previously worked with organisations such as Julie's Bicycle, AMA, Digital Culture Network and UK Theatre.

From L to R: Jonathon Summers-Mileman (house Theatre), Sarah Wright (The Mill Arts Centre, Banbury), James Hibberd (The Point, Eastleigh), Sophie Woods (Cranleigh Arts), Julie Cole (Theatre Royal Bury St Edmunds), Helena Jacques-Morton (Chichester Festival Theatre), Niki Hanmer (Farnham Maltings)

professional development bursaries

As well as running training, we also offer bursaries to conferences and training events run by other bodies within the arts industry. These are a great way to network with other arts professionals within and beyond our region and be inspired by speakers and external opportunities.

Our bursaries open the door to opportunities that most smaller venues or early career arts professionals in our network wouldn't otherwise have access too.

training, bursary, & venue networking opportunities

  1. Online Carbon Literacy Training

  2. Feedback from our conference bursary recipients

    31 July 2023


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past training & bursaries opportunities

  1. Culture, Climate and Resilience with Julie's Bicycle

  2. Understanding & challenging racism, moving towards an anti-racism stance

  3. Navigating the Storm: developing a strategy for care, communication, and managing backlash

  4. In the centre of the images are 2 performers. Laura, a curvy brown skinned Filipino female wheelchair user with an above right knee amputation is wearing a plum coloured dress. She sat in a manual wheelchair. Danielle, a white woman with ginger hair in ponytails, is wearing an ochre jumpsuit. She is upside down in a one arm handstand position with legs split creating a Y shape with her body. She is supported by Laura who holds one of Danielle's ankles. They look out towards the sunlight smiling. They are on a grey sunlit asphalt path. Behind them are trees and shrubbery and a bright blue sky.

    Access & Inclusion… It's just good customer service!

  5. Deaf Awareness

  6. A wildfire burning through a forest

    Carbon Literacy for Theatre Professionals