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house: Privacy Basics

This is a summary of how house processes and stores personal information and data. “house” is a project delivered by Farnham Maltings.

Any reference to “house” refers to Farnham Maltings. All statements here are in accordance with Farnham Maltings’ Privacy Policy, and the full policy can be viewed on the Farnham Maltings website.

The “network” refers to venues in the South East and East of England that have either expressed an interest in receiving support from house or have received support from house in the past.

  1. house communications

Database of organisations and professional individuals
We hold contact details for arts professionals (organisations and individuals) which are used regularly for the purposes of our mission. This data is for the sole use of business purposes and is never used for marketing.

Registering as a venue in the network
When you express an interest in joining the network of venues across the South East and East of England, your name, email address and phone number is stored on a database for the purpose of receiving business-related communications from house (not marketing). This database ensures we can continue to support organisations efficiently.

  1. If you sign up to an activity or event run by house

E.g. training, network days, festival trips
house keeps a record of all names, email addresses and organisations who have attended house events (including network days, meetings, seminars and training). We use this to analyse, track and report. We do not use this data for marketing purposes, unless we have proof of permission from the individual to receive marketing.

  1. house marketing communications

We only send marketing communications (e.g. the monthly newsletter) to individuals for whom we have proof of permission to receive marketing (e.g. via a sign-up form, or an opt-in tick box).

  1. If you register your venue or show on the house website

You own the data in your public profile
The information you voluntarily enter onto the house website, including location, contact details (e.g. name, phone number, Twitter handles) and capacity, are public when published by you. Private information (not published publicly) is indicated by the phrase ‘private field’. This data can be unpublished by you at any time using the login details you created.

  1. Surveys and feedback

From time to time we conduct surveys and may request information from you as part of these. Participation in these is entirely voluntary and you therefore have a choice whether or not to disclose any information which might be required. We may also ask you whether you would like to receive updates and marketing from us. You are under no obligation to accept such information.

Responses you give
In surveys, evaluations and feedback, we use responses you give to inform our evaluation, improve our delivery, and feedback to our partners. We do not publish responses publicly with identifiable data unless we have permission from you. We may give responses to third parties, but the data we provide is aggregated and anonymous and is relevant for the evaluation of the project undertaken (e.g. a tour).

Are your responses anonymous?
Your responses are only anonymous if you’ve chosen not to include your identifiable data in the survey. We never make identifiable fields compulsory and will never publish publicly or share your responses with identifiable data.

  1. Third-party sites, contributors and funders

Analysing and reporting data to funders
As a requirement of funding, house submits annual reports and data to Arts Council England. The data we submit includes venue name, postcode, performance title, box office income, potential box office income, number of audience members. No personal data is shared.

We analyse data provided by you, to:

  • ensure we are reaching our targets as a project
  • improve the content of our service
  • improve the quality of our delivery

Third-party services
The Site may contain links to websites and microsites that are operated by third parties. We do not control those websites and microsites and as such this Privacy Policy does not apply to those websites and microsites. Please consult the terms and conditions and privacy policy of those third party websites and microsites to find out how they collect and use your personal data.

We will not share your Personal Data with any other organisations, individuals or anybody else, except as may be required by law and with the Third Parties who process data on our behalf. You can see the full list in Farnham Maltings’ Privacy Policy.

  1. Retention of data

How long will we store your data?

Data will be deleted if/when:

  • specifically requested by the individual
  • if the organisation/company goes out of business
  • the purpose and/or existence of house changes or discontinues

View Farnham Maltings’ full Privacy Policy

Date published: 14 May 2018
Updated: 01 August 2018