past productions

Here's 5 key stats to show the impact of our work:

  1. We've worked with 176 venues across the South East & East England
    From Worthing to Wells-next-the-Sea, our network includes all kinds of venues whether programming shows or just taking part in training & networking events.
  2. 117 shows toured with 1549 performances to 87,323 people (& counting!)
    We have been lucky to work with some amazing companies touring wonderful shows to audiences who would have been able unlikely to see anything like this in their local theatre before - or library, park or even over the phone.
  3. 84 First-time Employment Opportunities
    From the Cultural Employment fund to KickStart, we have helped young people find their first working positions in venues.
  4. 24 Afternoon Teas & Networking/Training Events
    We work best when we are sharing ideas. We love delivering our training & networking sessions and have worked hard to keep the discussion going even when we're all working from home.
  5. 262 Artist & Venue pitching Opportunities
    Our Pitch up events have been a great space for launching new artistic projects which wouldn't have happened otherwise in our region.

In 2022, house celebrated it's 10th year of supporting venues and artists across the south east of England. Our birthday gave us the perfect excuse to catch up with some of our favourite companies we have had the privilege to work with since 2012 (including a tortoise and a hedgehog).

Some of our highlights

Past Shows

  • Is Now A Good Time, Out Of Chaos
  • Macbeth, The HandleBards
  • The Lion Inside, LAS Theatre
  • Smashed2, Gandini Juggling
  • Down to Earth, Bamboozle Theatre
  • Catch Of The Day, Red Fox Theatre
  • Bobby & Amy, Emma Blackman Productions
  • Desert Island Flicks, Spiltmilk Dance
  • Kaleidoscope, Filskit Theatre
  • Kaleidoscope, Filskit Theatre
  • Beowulf, Seth Kriebel
  • NEST, Akin Theatre
  • The Star Seekers, The Wardrobe Ensemble
  • Electrolyte, Wild Card Theatre
  • Duckie, Le Gateau Chocolat
  • Chores, Hoopla Clique
  • The Basement Tapes, Zanetti Productions
  • Square Go, Francesca Moody Productions
  • Still No Idea, Bunny in association with Ellie Keel Productions and Traverse Theatre
  • You've Got Dragons, Taking Flight Theatre Company
  • Manwatching, The Royal Court
  • To Helen Back, Helen Seymour
  • Me and My Bee, ThisEgg
  • Growing Pains, Tom Gill
  • Carry On Jaywick, Kuleshov Theatre
  • A Super Happy Story (About Feeling Super Sad), Silent Uproar
  • Frogman, Curious Directive
  • Enter the Dragons, A&E Theatre
  • Isle of Brimsker, Frozen Light
  • The Vanishing Man, Simon Evans & David Aula
  • Night At The Theatre, Casson and Friends
  • Thrive, Zest Theatre
  • The Diary Of A Hounslow Girl, Ambreen Razia
  • Songs For The End Of The World, Dom Coyote and The Bloodmoneys
  • Monday's Child, Barnstorm Theatre Co
  • Our June's Wedding, Theatre Exchange
  • As You Like It & A Midsummer Night's Dream, The HandleBards
  • Road to Huntsville, Stephanie Ridings
  • Team Viking, Tangram Theatre
  • In Our Hands, Smoking Apples
  • Factory Girls, Yangson Project Co
  • Finding Joy, Vamos Theatre Co
  • Storyteller Storyteller, Story Pocket Theatre
  • BookStory, Monstro Theatre
  • Joan, Milk Presents
  • Hummingbird, Tooth+Nail
  • Leaf By Niggle, Puppet State Theatre
  • An Evening With An Immigrant
  • All Roads Lead To Rome, Chris Dobrowolski
  • Mr Sole Abode, Unfinished Business
  • The Government Inspector, Flintlock Theatre
  • CELL, Little Cauliflower and Smoking Apples
  • A Strange Wild Song, Rhum and Clay
  • Goods Are Fallen And All Safety Gone, Greyscale Theatre Company
  • Miss Caledonia, Melody Johnson
  • Dr Longitude's Marvellous Imaginary Menagerie, Les Enfants Terrible
  • He Had Hairy Hands, Kill The Beast
  • Pss Pss, Compagnie Baccala
  • The Ingenious Gentleman Don Quixote Of La Mancha, Little Soldier Productions
  • Duck, Death And The Tulip, Little Dog Barking
  • Disco Pigs, Cathal Cleary
  • A Journey Round My Skull, KILN
  • Tunnels, Frozen Light
  • The Table, Blind Summit
  • It's Dark Outside, Perth Theatre Company
  • Bitch Boxer, Snuffbox Theatre
  • I Believe In Unicorns, Wizard Productions
  • Longwave, Chris Goode and Company
  • The Pearl, Dumbshow
  • Arthur's Dreamboat, Long Nose Puppets
  • Off, Cie Kiai
  • The Many Apologies of Pecos Bill, Greg Wohead
  • Grounded, The Gate
  • Suitcase Circus, Folded Feather
  • The Nightingale, Horse + Bamboo
  • The Watery Journey of Nereus Pike
  • The Incredible Book Eating Boy, Bootworks
  • The Trench, Les Enfants Terrible
  • The Girl With The Iron Claws, The Wrong Crowd
  • Blast Off!, Kid Carpet
  • What Is It About That Night?, Catherine Ireton