About On Track

Bloody Marvellous…loved the concept and delivery of the show. Witty with current themes and topics and even some history thrown in!

Audience Feedback

March 2020. Kit is a resourceful working mother of two who thrives in a fast-paced world, but when lockdown hits, her world shrinks. With the walls closing in, two wheels become her sanctuary, and her escape.

A new play drawing on true stories and using RedCape Theatre's trademark blend of comedy and visual, physical theatre, On Track follows Kit's journey of discovery through the history of women's cycling.

Exploring how a simple bicycle can become a vehicle to freedom, On Track will inspire you to pump up your tyres and ride out on a new adventure too.

All performances are BSL Interpreted.

About RedCape Theatre

RedCape Theatre is run by Artistic Directors Cassie Friend and Rebecca Loukes and is company-in-residence at South Street Arts Centre, Reading.

We make and tour original plays. Our starting point is always a true story. We are drawn to ordinary people in extraordinary situations. From here we begin a process of research and investigation, meeting as many people as we can. The material is then brought into a rehearsal room where it is sifted and shaped by all the collaborators. Through this process we aim to make theatre that matters, moves and entertains. Our work is highly visual and physical with new writing.

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