About The Rest of Our Lives

Hopefully hopeful, The Rest of Our Lives is a joyful dose of dance, theatre, circus and games. A cabaret of life and near death.

Two middle-aged lives in an eclectic, spontaneous, predictable and random decline. Jo is an old dancer, George an old clown. International artists with 100 years of life experience between them, armed with a soundtrack of floor-fillers, a book of raffle tickets and a sprinkling of eco-friendly optimism. Joyful, celebratory and hilarious.

The struggle is real. It's the beginning of the end. But we're still here.

house are supporting integrated British Sign Language (BSL) interpretation to be a part of the tour of The Rest of Our Lives. Please see the calendar below to see which performances come with BSL.

whatever your age, it will make you very happy indeed

Lyn Gardner

4 Stars

a hilarious, life-affirming hour... Life is too short not to live like this

The Scotsman

Its tenderness, hilarity, sadness, beauty and joy blew us away. It reached deep in our hearts to make them sing, and will stay with us a long time. It’s a rare and special show that should be seen by everyone.

Audience feedback

The concept of the show is about spending time together. We, together with the audience, notice time more, plus there’s more tracks at the end to have a really good boogie and our very important RAFFLE gets back into the scheme of things, more homegrown prizes, it is the How to go from here....? part of the show.

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