About Choogh Choogh

Choogh Choogh was a joyful, immersive, and interactive experience. Really refreshing for children to experience performance going beyond nursery rhymes and be engaged with such high-quality dance

Teacher & Audience Member

All aboard for a delightful train journey through India.

Experience the sights, sounds and smells evoked through South Asian dance, music and theatre; and meet some amazing characters along the way.

choogh choogh is a family-friendly show inspired by the joy for travelling through India on a train. It combines classical Indian dance with contemporary movement, theatre and play, sharing with audiences a world full of colour, invention and flow. The journey starts with the audience getting a special choogh choogh ticket.

Three artists weave a traveling tapestry with three scarves and original songs evoking, the sights, sounds and smells of the train, hawkers, festivals, musicians, rivers, jungles and cities. Along the way as your train ticket get checked and imaginary food is sold and shared, this show is an exploration of just how much we can see and imagine, together, as the train chooghs chooghs on.

About Beeja

Beeja was started by Anusha Subramanyam – dancer, choreographer, teacher and dance movement therapist. She is seen as one of the most exciting exponents of bharatanatyam working ‘inside’ and ‘outside’ of its tradition.

Beeja means ‘seed’ in Hindi. In keeping with its name, Beeja aims to generate new ideas, new understanding and fresh creative forms, particularly through the way that it allows us to be alert to, and take tremendous pleasure in living organisms and biological webs of relatedness.

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