About our events

We support between 10 and 12 productions to tour per year. We’re not producers so this work is always finished and tour ready. We guarantee to cover the company’s touring costs and negotiate bespoke guarantee vs split deals with each venue depending on their circumstances and audience development goals, using our funding to subsidise the difference.

We tour contemporary theatre, including dance-theatre and contemporary circus, that:

  • may struggle to tour in the region without our support
  • covers a wide range of themes and topics
  • represents the diverse population that make up the communities in our region
  • appeals to a range of audiences – from babies to adventure seekers, from families to those who might feel ‘traditional theatre’ isn’t for them.

We are also keen to support companies to increase their accessibility and environmental credentials.

Each summer we present work that can tour to outside spaces and we are always interested in hearing about productions that can take place in community spaces such as libraries, halls and sports centres.

We have a commitment to tour two international productions across our network each year. We believe that work from other countries has the potential to present different views, cultures and experiences that enrich and inform our communities.

Find out about past productions that have toured with house since we started in 2012.

List of Events

  1. A rig hangs tilted from the sky. On it a white woman holds a pink umbrella and looks worried. A bald white man smiles with his arm wrapped around a big brown suitcase.

    The Guy in The Luggage Rack

  2. Two white people with brown hair on a bridge, both wearing yellow tops. The woman is standing on the man's head reaching up to the sky with one hand. He has tape wrapped around his chest and mouth.

    Tape That!


  4. Paradise Lost (lies unopened beside me)

  5. Black and white headshot of a man in white dress shirt and jacket, looking up. Wearing big rings on his hands.


  6. Curious Investigators