About Pitch Up Portsmouth

Wednesday 18 October, 11am - 4pm

In 2023, our Pitch-up events will focus on helping artists & venues connect over new projects taking place with a more regional focus. We’re pleased to announce this autumn’s Pitch Up event will be hosted at Portsmouth Guildhall. Whether you are an artist looking for rehearsal spaces, a venue looking for arts partners or a company looking to grow touring connections in this area make sure you get involved.

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What is Pitch Up?

Pitch Up is an in-person event which provides a platform for venues and artists to pitch ideas, providing space for new partnerships to emerge. By having both venues and theatre-makers pitch what they have to offer and what they're looking for we aim to foster a more collaborative and open approach than traditional pitching events.

Who is pitching?



Who can attend?

  • Anyone from a venue or performance space based in the South of England (Hampshire, Surrey, West Sussex, East Sussex)
  • Theatre-makers creating or wanting to create work for and/or with audiences in the South of England
  • Cultural organisations wanting to connect with venues & artists
  • Organisations supporting under-represented groups or disability projects within the arts

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