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house theatre announces its support for two brilliant contemporary circus and aerial productions to tour south-east and east England during summer 2024.

Tape That! and The Guy in the Luggage Rack are original performance works by two UK-based companies, Hands Down Circus and She Said Jump. With the support of house, 12 venues in the south-east touring network will present these performances outside of their traditional spaces, bringing them to audiences in town gardens, green spaces and summer festivals.

Peter Glanville, director of Farnham Maltings which delivers the house theatre initiative, said, “The summer season from house features spectacular circus, aerial and acrobatics, showcasing companies which represent the UK's vibrant culture of outdoor arts. Each show offers a unique audience experience but they are united by their beautiful storytelling. We are delighted to tour these performances to outdoor spaces across the south east, from Brighton to Bridport to Bicester – and beyond. Audiences will gather in town parks, fringe festivals and open-air theatres to enjoy great performances with family and friends as they celebrate the summer."

Hands Down Circus and house present: Tape That!

'The audience, young and old, were entranced by their skills, and the play between the characters they portrayed. A beautiful show, full of heart.'

(Venue programmer.)

Acrobatics, juggling, physical theatre and a suitcase full of duct tape.

Tape That! is a charming, light-hearted, non-verbal acrobatic duet. Two performers construct a visual world using colourful tape, object manipulation and partner acrobatics. A simple roll of tape transforms from DJ decks to a spyglass, and is stretched to create physical barriers and obstacles for the performers to navigate.

When challenges present themselves, just how many problems can be fixed with a few rolls of duct tape?

Main image: Ben Hopper

About Hands Down Circus

Hands Down Circus is a contemporary circus theatre company, aiming to create and collaborate on original work in the UK and internationally, using a unique blend of partner acrobatics and prop manipulation.

Touring from 13 July 2024, presented by house:

She Said Jump and house present: The Guy in the Luggage Rack

'The best piece of circus I have seen in a long time and probably the most successful in its ability to tackle a difficult subject with a feather light touch.' (Audience Member)

‘Daisyʼs mum died, nearly a year ago now. Sheʼs fine. Sheʼs busy. She canʼt complain. Except sheʼs got this slight issue with an invisible guy that wonʼt leave her alone and itʼs becoming increasingly difficult to get on with getting on.ʼ

Daisy is doing her best to keep her chin up and her head down – but as the first anniversary of her mumʼs death approaches she begins to realise grief isnʼt something she can put aside indefinitely, and whether sheʼs willing to admit it or not, things arenʼt fine.

From the silly to the sublime to the scary to the ridiculous, Daisy wrestles (sometimes literally) with her grief – a 6-foot invisible bald guy with a lot of luggage – eventually discovering that by letting him into her world she is able to reconnect with the memory of her mother.

Main image: Ida Hollis

About She Said Jump

She Said Jump is a physical theatre company combining the silly and the serious to create performances for indoor, outdoor and digital spaces. They create original equipment that helps integrate stories with aerial circus. Their approach focuses on playfulness and communication and draws on theatre, clown, circus, dance, mime and puppetry.

Touring from 20 July 2024, presented by house: