About venue meet-ups

house theatre is coming to a venue near you for our annual venue meet-ups road trip. This Spring, from March until May, house theatre will host 6 meet-ups with a morning training session facilitated by Audience Agency.

Audience Agency Workshop

To get the most out of the day, Audience Agency will run a free session on using data and insights for audience engagement before the meet-up.

This workshop will look at how we can use existing data, as well as developing our own research to inform audience engagement, especially in the ‘one-night’ touring context. This will include using available tools from The Audience Agency such as Audience Answers and Audience Spectrum.

We will also explore the analysis and interpretation of audience research and its implications for our audience engagement planning.

The morning workshop will be hosted by Jonathan Goodacre, Senior Consultant from Audience Agency.

Find out more about Audience Agency’s Audience Answers here!

Venue Meet Ups

After lunch, you’ll get a chance to network with neighbouring venues and discuss topics that

The training will take place from 11am -1pm, followed by lunch, and from 2pm - 4pm a catch-up between the venues, led by house.

The agenda will be open for you to discuss what is most relevant to all the venues but might include topics such as:

  • Theatre audiences - where are they and how can we get them to attend more often?
  • Programming - what types of events do you want to put on your stages looking to the future?
  • Recruitment - how do we build a team that reflects EDI and structures to give a voice to new people?
  • Sustainability & values - what is important to us as venues and how can we do more & communicate this to our audiences?
  • Collaboration - how can venues work closer together to make amazing events & opportunities happen?


Who is this event for?

The venue meet-ups are open to anyone working within a venue in the house southeast theatre network. They will be particularly useful for venue leaders as well as programmers & marketers.

How many meet-ups can I attend?

We think it would be more useful to attend the session closest to your location to allow as many venue representatives to attend across the region.

How many people from my team can attend?

Please arrange for a maximum of 2 representatives from your venue to attend on the day, allowing more space for other organisations to attend.

Can I attend the meet-up and not the training or vise versa?

Yes, please feel free to stay for as long as you can. The whole day is not mandatory, and you are welcome to attend one or both of the sessions on the day.

I have a topic I want to discuss at the meet-up. What should I do?

The discussions that take place at the meet-ups are led by you, venue representatives. The time is open for open discussion so please feel free to discuss or prompt each other during the meet-up.

I have an access provision that inables me from attending but I want to come along.

Everyone is welcome to the meet-ups and training sessions. Please speak to the house team if you feel you are unable to attend any of the sessions for any reason.

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