About Online Carbon Literacy Training

house theatre is hosting an online carbon literacy training during The Great Big Green Week!

We want to ensure house theatre can support as many venues and arts professionals as possible within our network to learn about the climate crisis and how to best take action for yourself and your venue. We have teamed up with Climate Leadership Training to provide 5 one-hour lunchtime training sessions from 10 – 14 June to cover the basics of carbon literacy.

You can drop in during any day or take part in all 5 sessions to get a taster or a more in-depth look at Carbon Literacy Training, and if you take part in all 5 sessions you can apply for certification with the Carbon Literacy Project! Check out the daily breakdown to see what’s covered in each session.

Weekly Breakdown

Before the first session, participants will be asked to take 5-10 minutes to complete the WWF personal carbon footprint calculator. Don’t worry, you will not be asked to share your results with the group unless you are keen to!

Monday: A Climate Crisis

In this session, we will address what climate change is and what is causing it. We will also take a sobering look at the impacts of climate change.

Fair warning, this session is the least positive of the five, but it is important that we start by understanding the sobering reality of the situation we are in, in order to move towards positivity and progress throughout the rest of the week's sessions. If you don’t know something is broken, we can’t fix it!

Tuesday: How do we stop it

In this session, we will discuss the targets that we want to reach and the timelines we want to stick to in order to secure the future we all deserve. We will also take a look at the learner forms required to be certified as carbon literate.

Wednesday: Carbon Footprints

In this session, we will take a look at the headline areas we should be considering to reduce our carbon impact both personally and professionally. Wednesday’s Homework: in between these sessions, you will be asked to take 20-30 minutes to yourself at home to complete a short listening exercise, featuring a piece of Climate Radio Theatre by Ergon Theatre.

Thursday: Climate Leadership

In this session, we will take a look at what it takes to become a climate leader, regardless of your position in an organisation.

Friday: The CDT // Mindfulness, Empowerment, and Wellbeing

In our final session, we will take part in a short, tongue-in-cheek, theatrical exercise, completing our ‘Carbon Dependency Test’ in the year 2061… This session will conclude by looking at the importance of considering mindfulness, wellbeing, and empowerment when approaching carbon/climate action. Friday’s Homework: to be certified, participants will be required to complete a short (but meaningful!) learner form that commits to an individual action and a group action that shows significant commitment to reducing carbon impact in the workplace.

Headshot of Robin, a man wearing a beanie cap


Robin is a professional public speaker, climate expert, environmental responsibility arts consultant, and co-director of one of the UK’s leading climate entertainment companies, Ergon Theatre Ltd.

Robin is trained in leadership, empowerment coaching and carbon literacy. He has received scholarships and awards for his change-making work and has degrees in both Acting and Environmental Governance. He has worked with leading institutions including Julie’s Bicycle, Manchester City Council, Manchester Climate Change Agency, Robert F Kennedy Human Rights, Mott MacDonald, Marston Holdings, WOW Foundation, C-Change, URBACT, Zero Carbon Cities, Manchester Metropolitan University, Manchester University, University of Creative Arts, Supercool, Arts Admin, Universities UK, Lancaster University, Broadway Green Alliance, Manchester International Festival, HOME, Contact, The Lowry, M6 Theatre and GMAST.

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