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In a world evolving towards a more welcoming ethos, the conversation around accessibility is transcending compliance and turning into a cultural commitment. DAiSY (Disability Arts in Surrey) is not just an organisation; they're a community, a network of 20 disability arts organisations, and a collective of talented disabled artists and creatives. With roots deeply embedded in Surrey and the South East since 2011, they've been nurturing inclusivity, partnering with cultural gems like Watts Gallery, The Lightbox, and RHS Wisley Gardens.

For house, here from DAiSY themselves about Access Auditing, a new service which is tailored to your venue, encouraging accessibility that goes beyond the physical building.

Access Auditing Service Unveiled:

Our latest venture, the Access Auditing Service, isn't merely a checklist. It's a dynamic exploration of every nook and cranny—physical spaces, online presence, marketing, and programming—all tailored to embrace diverse abilities and audiences. It's about weaving authenticity and lived experiences into the conversation, dismantling barriers for our unique community.

Top 5 Tips for Theatre Accessibility:

1. Comprehensive Audits:

Dive into detailed accessibility audits for physical spaces, online platforms, marketing materials, and programming. Let's move beyond checking boxes and create an environment that genuinely embraces inclusivity.

2. Include Lived Experiences:

Bring in individuals with disabilities to help plan, prioritising those with lived experiences in disability arts to address unique challenges.

3. Diverse Solutions for Diverse Audiences:

Form a team representing various disabilities to tailor accessibility solutions not just for the physical space but also for the diverse programming needs of disability arts practitioners and organisations.

4. Local Sensitivity in Programming:

Address unique local challenges within disability arts programming, ensuring that accessibility initiatives resonate with the cultural context of the community and the practitioners involved.

5. Affordable and Inclusive Experiences:

Prioritise cost-effective solutions to make theatre experiences, including disability arts programming, inclusive for everyone, regardless of financial constraints.

Our Access Audit Approach:

Authenticity of Lived Experience:

- Our access consultants at DAiSY aren't just professionals; they bring a personal touch, each with lived experience in disability, going beyond regulations.

Diversity is Our Strength:

- Involving individuals with various disabilities ensures solutions as diverse as the communities we serve.

Rooted Locally:

- Based in the South East, we're not just observers; we're locals responding promptly to nuanced challenges faced by businesses and organisations in our community.

Navigating Challenges:

- Acknowledging funding constraints, DAiSY tailors solutions, preserving cultural identity even in financial limitations.

Case study: Farnham Maltings Collaboration

In a recent collaboration with Farnham Maltings, our access consultants team, seasoned with lived disability experience, delved into an in-depth audit to elevate accessibility in a specific area. It wasn't just about improving the physical aspects; it was about influencing future plans. Collaborating closely with Farnham Maltings' architects, we shared key insights for funding bids and designs, resulting in a concise, compliance-meeting report and roadmap, authentically reflecting Farnham Maltings' identity and future vision.

More Than Compliance - It's a Movement:

Our Access Auditing Service isn't just a service; it's a movement embracing diversity, steering clear of judgment, and propelling a progressive direction.

Your Venue, Your Story:

Imagine a world where accessibility isn't a challenge but a warm welcome. Our service isn't just about solutions; it's about understanding. Let's collaborate, create an improvement roadmap that feels more like a partnership than an audit.

Affordability That Reflects Our Values:

Accessibility isn't a VIP party; it's for everyone. We're all about tailor-made and budget-friendly solutions, making inclusivity something you can reach for, regardless of the budget.

Join Us in Shaping an Inclusive Future:

Choosing DAiSY's Access Auditing Service isn't just a checkbox on your to-do list; it's actively participating in a movement that values diversity, embraces inclusion, and wraps it all up in the cultural richness of art. Let's unlock a world where everyone, no matter what, gets to soak in the beauty of art and culture.

Ready to dive in? Contact DAiSY today, and let's chat about making your organisation the epitome of inclusivity.