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Keynote - Are You Relevant?

Our keynote speaker is Alan Lane, Artistic Director of Slung Low.

The event will ask the immeasurable question: Are you relevant? This question can seem irrelevant in the face of a cost-of-living crisis, climate crisis and low ticket sales, but is all too important for a venue’s longevity and responsibility for its community.

Alan’s opening address will kick off the day by exploring Slung Low’s pivot during lockdown to turn the company into a foodbank.

The move was the most relevant way forward for the local community and addressed what was the important thing at that moment.

The day will then follow on with four panel discussions, each touching on a topic that delves into relevance and a venue’s responsibility to their community.

Embracing opportunities for Access and inclusion

Delving into the benefits of embracing accessibility and inclusivity in your venue, we’ll hear insights from artists and organisations who work closely with venues to enrich experiences for both audiences and artists. Panellists will share what opportunities and actions can help shape a more inclusive workplace.

Shaping and sharing your values with communities

We’ll think about the significance of aligning your organisation's values with a community, highlighting how working and listening to a community can create impactful social movements, greater relationships, and collaboration to support social growth and venue development.

Representing the Diversity of your community

This discussion will emphasise the importance of representing diverse and local communities in your venue. The conversation will ask questions about what a diverse venue looks like and who needs to be part of the discussion that enables a venue to represent many groups of people.

Recognising your existing and potential audiences

Here we will highlight the significance of understanding and acknowledging existing and potential audiences, which shape your venue’s voice, vision, and values. Panellists will share insights on collecting audience evaluation and behaviour trends, which help identify how to attract new audiences while also retaining people who already love coming to your venue.

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