Annual theatre network survey

Our fourth house annual theatre network survey in association with cultural sector consultancy Indigo Ltd is now open.

We need your help to build the best picture of theatre in the South East as we can. Following feedback from previous surveys, we have started to identify the common issues faced across the network and shaping how best we can support you. Already we have:

  • Programmed monthly training sessions using your feedback to decide the topics you want to discuss.
  • Launched Audience Development Schemes, Like Take Your Seats and the Ecoway Travel Pilot.
  • Continued our annual regional venue meet-ups to encourage the network to connect and discuss the latest topics.

Venues in our network will receive a tailored survey link by email. If you have not received this by the 16 May, please email the house team at


who is this survey for?

Our annual survey is a really useful way for us to understand what the network needs. It helps the house team to make strategic decisions - from the shows we bring to your venues to the training and bursaries we provide each month.

who should complete the survey?

The survey is designed to be answered by someone with knowledge of the organisation and artistic programme/activity (e.g. programmer, marketer or venue leader).

how long will it take?

It should take around 15 minutes to complete. There are lots of opportunities to respond to free text questions.

when do we need to complete it?

We would be very grateful if you could complete the survey by Monday 3 June. We’ll be in touch a couple of times before then to remind you to fill it in.

what if I don’t finish the survey?

You can start the survey and then return to it using the link in your personalised email. You will be able to resume from where you left off.

how is the survey being run?

We have worked again with cultural sector consultancy Indigo Ltd to help us deliver the survey and analyse your responses. Your data is being held and processed in accordance with their privacy policy.

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