Cookie Policy

The house website uses a number of cookies (small pieces of text stored on your computer). We have grouped our use of cookies into two categories: Essential and non-essential cookies. By default non-essential cookies are enabled when you visit this site but from this page you can choose to enable or disable them at any time.

Essential Cookies

The essential cookies allow you to login and interact with certain parts of the website. We are unable to disable these cookies. The cookies are used for identification purposes only.

Non Essential Cookies

These cookies only apply to the front end of the website only. The private administration area does not make use of non-essential cookies. Our non-essential cookies are set by:

  • Google Analytics which provides us with an insight into our visitors and an opportunity to improve the site. We do not share this information and analytics data is anonymous.
  • Social media share buttons (ShareThis, Facebook, Twitter etc) which we use to make sharing our content easier. The cookies set by these buttons are controlled by their respective companies and we encourage you to read their cookie policies.

You can manage your non-essential cookie preference using the button below:

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