Why Tour Internationally?

It is one of the great paradoxes of our times that many of the solutions to our modern world will come from developing services locally whilst at the same time understanding our place in the whole world. It is also true to say that a young person living in a small town in rural England may have more in common with someone in, say, a market town in Latvia than they might with someone living 30 miles away in London.

It has become a cliché that we live in one world – everywhere one finds the same good movies, the same slot machines and the same filet-o-fish. At the same time the possibility for us to connect, to travel the world, to be ‘in each others back yard’ has for many never been easier.

Many of us express international policies and ambitions. Usually because we know that developing relations with other communities will sharpen our own understanding of who we are. We might also discover new models, solutions to problems, questions we hasn’t asked ourselves, partners that would enrich our activities.

So we understand it’s a good idea to be international – but perhaps we are less sure how to make it happen.

caravan springs from this very simple idea. To use the Brighton Festival to introduce some of the best English theatre companies to an international audience, and to celebrate the ways artists are responding to being both local and international.

Gavin Stride