Thameside Theatre

Venue details

The Thameside is a 315 seat venue which shares a building with the Grays Central Library and LocalHistoryMuseum. Opened in 1971, it’s a comfortable professional venue that has been well maintained with a good technical fit which includes excellent audio visual’s and a cinema quality digital projector. The programming policy is 30 professional “one nighters” a year plus 60 performances of pantomime. There are approximately 5 weeks of local amateurs and the rest of the time is commercial dance schools with an occasional commercial hire. The main limitation is space. The acting area is 9 metres wide x 8 metres deep with only 4 metres height to the headers and 4.5 metres to the bars. Wing space is only 1 metre each side.  Being on the 3rd floor, access is via a stage lift approx 3.5 metres square. The intimacy of the theatre makes it especially good for music gigs and children’s shows with very good acoustics and a good stage audience relationship