unconscious bias training

house is hosting a series of online training sessions to increase understanding across the region of unconscious bias. The training will be delivered by Equality and Diversity UK.

The sessions are specifically for senior leaders and trustees at venues in the South East network who are interested in understanding more about unconscious bias and how it can undermine organisational goals and strategies.

Groups are limited to 10 people. The session is free (delegate rate usually £195 each) for staff from South East venues in the network. The training is available for maximum 2 people per venue.

We strongly encourage one member of the senior leadership team and one member of the board attend from each venue.

We think it is important for leaders and decision-makers to understand the impact our unconscious biases can have on policies and priorities, and how diversity can be an asset to business strength and development.

Why is it important?

Unconscious or unintentional bias is widespread in the workplace and usually unrecognised. It is often based on outdated and irrational assumptions about the roles of BAME people, people with disabilities, men and women, peoples’ ages, sexuality, religion/belief at work.

It may manifest itself in language, behaviour and decisions that inhibit the recruitment and progression of skilled individuals. It usually means businesses are not acting in their own best interests by failing to make the most of all available talent.

Dates for non-NPOs – BOOK HERE

These sessions are for venues not currently funded as National Portfolio Organisations.

Wed 15 July, 1pm-3.30pm
Fri 24 July, 1pm-3.30pm
Tue 28 July, 10am-12.30pm
Tue 28 July, 1pm-3.30pm
Book here for non-NPOs

Dates for NPOS – BOOK HERE

These sessions are for venues currently funded as National Portfolio Organisations.

Wed 15 July, 10am-12.30pm
Fri 24 July, 10am-12.30pm

Book here for NPOs

Places are limited and offered on a first-come-first-served basis. 

If you’re interested in offering ‘in-house’ online unconscious bias training with Equality and Diversity UK for teams of up to 10 people from the same organisation, please get in touch with Steph at steph@housetheatre.org.uk.