These Hills Are Ours

By Daniel Bye and Boff Whalley

★★★★ “Lovely low-key gig theatre” The Stage

Dan and Boff decided to run a series of routes from the centre of the city in which they found themselves, to the top of the peak overlooking the city.

In story and in song, this is the story of what they found out – about the relationship between city and country, between wild and controlled, about land ownership, about why we’re drawn to wild places – and about what we’re really running from.

These Hills Are Ours is the most personal piece of work either Dan or Boff has made, the most heartfelt, and the most direct. It’s really funny and genuinely moving

Age guidance: Suitable for ages 12+

Running time: 80-90 minutes

Tour Dates

Date Time Venue Booking Information
20/09/2022 7.30pm - 9pm Theatre Royal Bury St Edmunds Book here
21/09/2022 7.30pm - 9pm Cornerstone Book here
22/09/2022 7.30pm - 9pm artsdepot Book here
23/09/2022 7pm - 8.30pm Farnham Maltings Book here
24/09/2022 7.30pm - 9pm The Place Bedford Book here
26/09/2022 7.30pm - 9pm Worthing Theatres Book here
27/09/2022 8pm - 9.30pm The Woodville Book here
28/09/2022 8pm - 9.30pm Old Town Hall Book here
30/09/2022 7.30pm - 9pm Bedales Book here
01/10/2022 8pm - 9.30pm The Horton, Epsom Book here
02/10/2022 7.30pm - 9pm The Phoenix Theatre & Arts Centre. Book here
06/12/2022 7.30pm - 9pm Greenwich Theatre
07/12/2022 7.30pm - 9pm West End Centre Book here
08/12/2022 8pm - 9pm Ventnor Exchange Book here
09/12/2022 7.30pm - 9pm Forest Arts Centre Book here
10/12/2022 8pm - 9pm Portsmouth Guildhall Book here