The Trench

Inspired by the story of a miner who became entombed in a tunnel during WWI, Les Enfants Terribles tour with their award-winning Edinburgh Fringe sell out show.  Blending live music, puppetry and physical performance, The Trench follows one man’s epic journey as he battles for salvation and sanity.  As the horror threatens to engulf him the boundaries between reality and fantasy begin to blur as he discovers a strange world beneath the mud and death leaving him to question what’s real, what’s not and whether it even matters?

Tour Dates

Date Time Venue Booking Information
07/03/2014 7.30pm
08/03/2014 7.30pm
09/03/2014 3pm
14/03/2014 7.30pm
16/03/2014 8pm Hazlitt Arts Centre
19/03/2014 7.30pm Farnham Maltings
22/03/2014 8pm Old Town Hall
23/03/2014 7.45pm Key Theatre Peterborough
26/03/2014 7.30pm Norwich Playhouse
28/03/2014 7.30pm
03/04/2014 7.30pm The Haymarket
04/04/2014 7.30pm
05/04/2014 7.30pm The Corn Hall
17/04/2014 7.45pm Hertford Theatre
18/04/2014 8pm
19/04/2014 7.30pm The Berry Theatre
20/04/2014 7.30pm Quarterhouse
21/04/2014 7.30pm
07/05/2014 7.30pm Leighton Buzzard Theatre
08/05/2014 8pm West End Centre
09/05/2014 7.30pm Ashcroft Arts Centre
10/05/2014 8pm The Old Market
13/05/2014 7.30pm Forest Arts Centre
15/05/2014 8pm The Spring Arts & Heritage Centre
16/05/2014 8pm Private: The Firestation
17/05/2014 8pm Arlington Arts Centre
18/05/2014 7.30pm
21/05/2014 7.30pm The Theatre, Chipping Norton
31/05/2014 8pm
01/06/2014 8pm Cornerstone