The Nightingale

Imagine you could have anything you wanted…the best that money can buy.  Unfortunately for the little King, he already has that, and he still feels something’s missing. That is, until he is enchanted by the most beautiful sound in the world and finds friendship in the most unexpected place.

A sweet, funny and beautiful show for families.

Horse + Bamboo make theatre that is fantastically visual. This age old story from Hans Christian Andersen is told through a mesmerising blend of masks, puppetry, animation, vivid performance and original music.

For ages 4+


Tour Dates

Date Time Venue Booking Information
02/02/2013 2.30pm Old Town Hall
03/02/2013 2.30pm The Seagull Theatre
17/03/2013 2pm
26/03/2013 11.30am The Berry Theatre
30/03/2013 1pm Groundlings Theatre
05/04/2013 Leighton Buzzard Theatre
07/04/2013 Hazlitt Arts Centre