Suitcase Circus

A delightfully heart-warming and interactive family-friendly spectacular.

Meet Wobulous Discombobulous, the anarchic sock as he presents a line up of extraordinarily talented performing objects, all with their own unique and captivating storylines.  Suitcase Circus features the most unlikely of performers including the world’s only acrobatic potato sack, a daredevil ski glove, an incredible dancing milkshake straw, the hypnotic tie snake Windsor Knot, and the lovable yet bizarre magical Mexican hat Timrek.

As with all quality circuses we have a wonderful musical accompaniment.

Tour Dates

Date Time Venue Booking Information
26/01/2013 Farnham Maltings
03/02/2013 2.30pm Astor Community Theatre
09/02/2013 11.30am & 2pm Groundlings Theatre
10/02/2013 2pm
16/02/2013 2pm The Corn Hall
17/02/2013 2.30pm The Seagull Theatre
18/02/2013 11am The Garage
20/02/2013 11.10am & 2.30pm Ashcroft Arts Centre
21/03/2013 2.30pm Hazlitt Arts Centre
23/02/2013 2pm Marlborough Theatre
17/03/2013 2pm
23/03/2013 11am Quarterhouse
30/03/2013 1pm Private: The Firestation
20/04/2013 2pm The Phoenix Theatre & Arts Centre.