Carry on Jaywick

by Dan Murphy
presented by Kuleshov Theatre
Cast includes Georgia Brown, Laura Curnick, Clive Keene and Mathew Wernham

A verbatim play made up entirely of the words of real people. Carry on Jaywick is a story of hope amongst the hopeless, of laughter in the darkest times and a celebration of what it means to fight for where you come from.

Jaywick is a seaside town on the Essex coast, recently ranked among the most deprived neighbourhoods in the UK. This heartwarming and hilarious play travels through its village halls and dance classes, family rows and moments of inspiration, revealing a slice of English life which has largely been forgotten.

Actors wearing headphones on stage listen to recorded interviews with Jaywick residents. They repeat back what they hear to the audience. This is ‘reality theatre’ in action.

‘deeply moving, funny, acute and invaluable. Dan Murphy’s verbatim play is always respectful of the impoverished community that is its subject, but it is also poetic, brave and visionary’
North Wall

Running time: 70 mins/no interval

The Carry on Jaywick tour is presented by house

(Photos by Ethan Miller/Alamy)

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Tour Dates

Date Time Venue Booking Information
09/03/2018 7:30pm Groundlings Theatre Book here
10/03/2018 7.30pm - 8.40pm The Phoenix Theatre & Arts Centre. Book here
11/03/2018 8.00pm - 9.10pm Ventnor Exchange Book here
13/03/2018 7.30pm - 8.40pm The Quarry Theatre at St Lukes Book here
14/03/2018 8pm Norwich Arts Centre Book here
16/03/2018 7:30pm Stantonbury Theatre Book here
20/03/2018 8pm - 9pm The North Wall Arts Centre Book here
21/03/2018 tbc Forest Arts Centre Book here
22/03/2018 8pm - 9.10pm The Marlowe Book here