Monstro Theatre presents:

This is the story of some books. Some books who live in a library.

But this is no ordinary library. This library belongs to Brian. It’s a wonderful, magical place where the books like to flutter their pages and let their shelves go…

But one day Brian seems to change and the library goes all quiet. What’s going on? The books had better stiffen their spines, because if they want to get to the bottom of this mystery, they may have to check themselves out…

The latest show from MONSTRO Theatre, the pioneers of the Puppet Musical, this is a show that brings books to life for all children and their grown-ups.

This tour is presented by house

Tour Dates

Date Time Venue Booking Information
07/10/2017 2.30pm The Spring Arts & Heritage Centre
08/10/2017 3pm The Capitol
14/10/2017 11am Old Town Hall
14/10/2017 2.30pm Old Town Hall
22/10/2017 2pm Gulbenkian
23/10/2017 2.30pm The Woodville
29/10/2017 11am artsdepot
29/10/2017 2pm artsdepot
04/11/2017 2pm Astor Community Theatre