Sign up as a house Theatre Associates

We are on the look out for new Theatre Associates to help house find new Theatre to programme & tour throughout South East England.

At house, we are constantly looking for excellent and ground-breaking theatre which has the capability to tour throughout our network of venues. The best people to help us find these productions are the programmers working in these venues who know what gaps they are looking to fill in their programming and can understand the scale of work that would work in their spaces. We are therefore looking for more Theatre Associates to help us track down these gems of productions and have their say on the style of theatre house tours.

As a Theatre Associate, you would be expected to:

  • Attend as many performances/ festivals as you can around your day-to-day work
  • Write at least 12 show reports a year sharing your thoughts on each production
  • Be able to judge whether a production is appropriate for touring the house network even if it might not be suitable for your own organisation

You could either tell us about a production that you intend to see and the house team will confirm whether it could be appropriate for house touring or a member of the house team might reach out to you and see whether you would be happy to attend a performance/festival 0n behalf of house.

Once agreed, house will happily cover the costs for your:

  • Show tickets
  • Travel arrangements
  • & pay you a fee for each show report

If you are interested in becoming a Theatre Associate, please complete the application form below and a member of the team will get back in touch with you. If chosen to be a Theatre Associate for house, you will be signed up for a 12 month period after which we will work with you to see if you would like to continue as an associate. For more information about the associates scheme, please email

Theatre Associate Application form

  • Tick all that apply
  • We would like our associates to have an idea of the style of work house has previously toured or our ambitions to tour high quality contemporary theatre
  • Up to 250 words
  • You will either need to confirm which production/festival you intend to visit or a member of house will be in touch to suggest a production/festival to attend.
  • The house team might ask you to write a blog about your time at Edinburgh 2022 that will be shared with the house network.
  • (including if you’ll be accompanied by a carer/personal assistant, or if you require any special accommodation needs )
  • house would like to announce and document the participation of the successful candidates. Are you happy to participate in social media or promotional activity?
  • The personal details you supply on this form will only be used in relation to this project, and according to our privacy policy:
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.