The Incredible Book Eating Boy at Sheringham Little Theatre

For the first performances of their house tour, Bootworks took The Incredible Book Eating Boy to Sheringham Little Theatre, North Norfolk. The piece is 5 minutes long and performed 30 times per day; the audience goes inside the black box theatre, and the action happens around the outside.

We asked Debbie Thompson, Director of the Little Theatre, to write a few words for us about the day: for her, for the venue, and, most importantly, for the Sheringham audience.

Well, The Incredible Book Eating Boy was just that …Incredible!! It was a totally unique experience for The Little Theatre and one we will all treasure.

Bootworks were a lovely company and they transformed the auditorium into ‘Henry’s Bedroom’, a wonderful creative space which had a truly welcoming and inspiring atmosphere. There were children and families enjoying a very relaxed quality experience as they explored the space and discovered all the activities that were on offer within Henry’s Bedroom, before being invited into the exciting box for their personal show.

Everyone who saw the show was blown away by the experience, it was imaginative, funny, gripping and astonishing! Not only within the box but also what was happening around the box as those in the space were able to see the mechanics behind the show, which was a wonderful spectacle in itself! The show attracted new audiences and I know they will return because the feedback was so positive.

Very kindly Bootworks invited myself and some of my staff into the show and we could not believe the quality of the work and the effect it had on us all. One of my most favourite and memorable experiences in my ten years at the venue – Thank you Bootworks and thank you House for making it possible. And I got a badge!! And a personalised card from Henry!! And a very lovely thank you card from Bootworks the following week – so when can they return?………please!