Second recommission award goes to Mr Sole Abode

house has named the recipient of its second recommission, which will enable an existing production to be remade and toured in 2015.

• £25,000 is being awarded to Unfinished Business to remount Mr Sole Abode, originally created in 2007.
• Mr Sole Abode was chosen by a panel of five venue programmers.
• The remounted production will tour across the South East in Spring 2015.

house, the touring and audience engagement initiative supported by Arts Council England to improve the range, quality and scale of contemporary theatre presented across the South East and Eastern England, is to award £25,000 to Unfinished Business to remake and tour the acclaimed 2007 production Mr Sole Abode.

Through an open call out, the house recommission offers theatre-makers the opportunity to remake and tour an existing theatre production that would suit touring on the small- to mid-scale for single night engagements. The £25,000 award comprises two strands of funding, with £10,000 to remount the piece and £15,000 to cover touring costs for 15 dates across the South East region. Shortlisting and interviewing for the recommission process was conducted by representatives from five venues from across the South East, consisting of Worthing Theatres, The Place, Bedford, and the EM Forster Theatre, Tonbridge, The Point, Eastleigh, and Hertford Theatre.

In 2007, Leo Kay collaborated with acclaimed theatre maker Benji Reid and world-renowned surrealist puppeteers Faulty Optic to devise an original solo performance.

In 2015, key members of the original team are enthusiastic to revisit the piece, but Leo will also introduce new members to the creative team including Daniel Marcus Clark, an acclaimed musician and composer who will take on the role of a fellow street dweller, using acoustic and electronic instruments to build a rich soundscape around the action.

Adrian Berry, Artistic Director of Jackson’s Lane, of the 2008 tour, said: “Mr Sole Abode was an inventive piece of solo performance with some ingenious physical work that went down a treat at Jacksons Lane.

Alex Levene, Venue Manager of The Place, Bedford and recommission panellist, says: “Really excited to have Unfinished Business’s production of Mr Sole Abode coming out through house in March 2015. A show full of passion, humour and beauty that deals with many important issues in modern day society. We are very excited to see the fusion of storytelling, clowning and spoken word in this challenging and absorbing piece of contemporary drama.”

The production will tour to venues across South East and Eastern England during Spring 2015.


Notes to Editors:


house supports venues across South East and Eastern England by improving the range, quality and scale of theatre presented, and exists to build the audience for contemporary theatre throughout the region. house is developing the theatre ecology of the South East by hosting training and networking opportunities, brokering conversations between companies and venues, and developing the house website as a digital resource for the professional theatre sector. It is funded by Arts Council England and is based at Farnham Maltings.

Unfinished Business

‘Unfinished Business’ was set up in 2010 by co-founders Alex Israel and Danny Pegg. The two worked together for what seemed like forever on all sorts of projects before deciding to create theatre professionally.

Unfinished Business, now based in London, works towards creating Nu-Narrative theatre.

UB believes the most important element of a play is the narrative. They want to create a theatre which has a strong foundation in the narrative, whilst also having the grit of In-Yer-Face theatre and carrying a message a la agitprop theatre. They call this theatre Nu-Narrative.


Fusing physical performance and text, Mr Sole Abode tells the story of a man who, unable to function under the strains of contemporary material society, seeks refuge in a fridge.

Taking inspiration from Ozoro, the protagonist from Ben Okri’s “The Famished Road”, Richard Linklater’s “Waking Life” and writings by David Bohm on fragmentation, Mr Sole Abode glances askew at the way our society understands madness. 

Drawing on quantum physics, philosophy and everyday wisdom, the show looks at the possibility of changing the reality in which we live by changing the way we understand it.

“Mr Sole Abode (Leo Kay) is a strange little man who tells fantastical stories.” – Katharine James, Culture Wars