Sabrina Mahfouz on PuSh Festival

In January of this year caravan, the biennial international showcase run by Farnham Maltings, presented a programme of new performance work made in England over the past couple of years, mostly work designed to reach new audiences in often surprising places. Point Blank Poets were one of the companies that were presented and we chatted to Sabrina Mahfouz on her experience.

What are the benefits of presenting work at an international festival?

​It’s always invigorating to see and hear how artists in other places develop work – there’s always differences and similarities that make me question why we do things the way we do in the UK. It’s also great to get feedback from audiences who have never visited the places you present to them, but completely get it, so you know there’s a universal element to your work.  ​

What’s different about performing at an international festival?

​People always comment on your accent! ​

What’s the best thing you did or saw while in Vancouver?

​Every Brilliant Thing was a Paines Plough show I’d missed in the UK for years, then ironically got to se it in Vancouver as part of PuSh and it was wonderful. ​

And the best meal you had there?

​Pancakes for breakfast at the hotel and coffee and pastries at Timberhouse​

Finally, what advice would you give other artists at a similar stage of their career?

​The advice I’m trying to follow myself at this point is to only write things I feel from the heart​. If you can’t turn a commission into something you feel from the heart, don’t do it. But then, this is something that isn’t always financially possible, so don’t be too sad if you can’t stick to this! | Point Blank Poets