The Performing Artist’s Audience Workbook

The Performing Artist’s Audience Workbook

The Performing Artist’s Audience Workbook is designed to encourage artists to think more about potential audiences, and explore the value their work brings to those who experience it.

Taking the reader on a journey to explore and articulate audience benefit, The Prelude offers context, insights and questions around core purpose, audience experience and audience development, while The Workbook presents a series of creative exercises for artists at any stage of their career who would like to think more about their practice, their audiences and the impact of their work.

The publications have been created primarily for those working in theatre and dance. Whilst it is not specifically aimed as a resource for those applying for funding, it will be useful for applicants applying to Creative Scotland’s Touring Fund for Theatre and Dance as an understanding of audiences should be at the centre of any application for touring and presentation.

The Performing Artist’s Audience Workbook can be used in a variety of ways, sparking creation, communication and reflection.

Commissioned by Creative Scotland, and written by Lisa Baxter, with illustrations by Philippe Brasseur.