Juliet & Romeo: Meet the Cast

Head shot - Kip Johnson
Kip Johnson

After graduating from Northern School of Contemporary Dance in 2009, Kip has gone onto perform with mainly dance theatre companies such as Protein Dance, Vincent Dance Theatre, Gecko, Ultima Vez and Fevered Sleep.

In 2015 Kip travelled the UK in a motorhome for a year, volunteering on farms and in communities. Since then he has been trying to find ways of bringing dance and nature together. He moved to Bristol in 2016 to start making work, interested in the human relationship to nature and the intersection between human and natural processes.

Solene LS SM
Solène Weinachter

Solène’s dance journey started on her kitchen floor and took her to The Place in London where she graduated with a BA (Hons) and an MA in contemporary dance and performance. From 2007 to 2012 she danced with Scottish Dance Theatre where she first worked with Ben Duke in The Life and Time of Girl A.  Solène joined Lost Dog as a freelance dancer in 2012. She has also worked with Gecko, Troubleyn and is currently dancing with Vera Tussing and Joan Cleville Dance.

In parallel, Solène has co-created a collective since 2010 with Glasgow-based music artist, Jer Reid.


Juliet & Romeo by Lost Dog is on tour with house during Spring 2020.

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