house survey: FAQs

Is there a deadline to complete the survey?
The survey will close at 12noon on Monday 21 June.

Who should complete the survey?
It’s best if someone with knowledge of the organisation and artistic programme/activity completes the survey (e.g. programmer or venue leader).

The survey is for all performing arts venues in the South East, whether you engage with house regularly or not. We’d like to be able to paint a realistic picture of venues in the south east.

How long will it take?
It should take about 15 minutes to complete.

Can I ‘save and continue’ later?
Yes, if you are not able to complete the survey in one go, you’ll be able to return to it via the link in your email and pick up where you left off. You’ll also receive a reminder email as the deadline approaches.

How will the survey arrive?
It will arrive in your inbox by Friday 11 June from If it hasn’t arrived by Monday 14 June, please check your junk mail and get in touch with us. It will be sent via Survey Monkey.

What questions will I be asked?
The following areas will be covered in the questionnaire:

  • About your organisation
  • Engagement with house
  • Programming
  • Audiences
  • Work with artists
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Equality, Diversity and Inclusion
  • Impact of the pandemic

The answers are mostly multi-choice, scales and ‘agree or disagree’ options, however there are a few text options for you to express some areas in more detail if you choose.

Who’s hosting the survey? 
house (the South East venue network and touring initiative delivered by Farnham Maltings) is working with Indigo Ltd to create and manage the survey. The survey will be hosted on SurveyMonkey.

What information is shared with Indigo?
Your name, work email address and venue name will be shared with Indigo. Once the survey deadline has passed, this information will be deleted from their records in accordance with their Privacy Policy.

If you would prefer to opt out of the survey, please get in touch with at any time and we will delete you from the survey database and from Indigo’s records.

Indigo will create a report based on the data provided. Any information shared publicly will be anonymous.

You can read our Privacy Policy here. Our venue database includes names and work email addresses available in the public domain and all other contact details are with permission from the individual.

Why should I complete the survey?
Your valued contribution to the survey will:

  • identify patterns and areas for widespread support over the next few years
  • inform the national picture of the independent theatre sector
  • highlight where areas of support or advocacy are needed on a national level

I represent multiple venues. Do I need to complete a survey for each one?

Yes please, that would be hugely helpful. You should be able to use the same link.