house network annual survey 2022 findings

A massive thank you to the 85 organisations who took part in this year’s annual survey – it helps us get a true picture of the network and what programming and support would be best for you.

house’s Audience Development Jonathon recorded a presentation with Flo Carr from Indigo Ltd to talk through the survey findings on what was the hottest day on record – hence the dark backgrounds!

Read the full survey results through the link below or watch our 30 minute recording. If you have any questions you’d like to ask Flo or the house team, please leave a comment below or on the Youtube post or email and we will get an answer for you.

house network Annual Survey Results (c) Indigo Ltd 2022

Key Survey findings and house’s plan to address the recommendations

  1. Programming
    Continue to programming family friendly and outdoor performances and work more closely with venue’s marketing teams when touring theatre productions
  2. Training in Audience Development & Marketing
    Provide a wider programme of marketing support both linked to and separate from touring house productions
  3. Support Audience Development
    Launching Audience Development Pilot Project with 12 venues this Autumn to help them reach new audiences and better engage with those coming less frequently. Continue to programme work from diverse backgrounds which can be used to reach out to new local audiences
  4. Revised model for training programmes
    Expand bursary programme to conferences with AMA, Theatres Trust, Julie’s Bicycle, etc. Pre-record training sessions which people can watch when convenient with them to better suit working patterns
  5. Volunteers
    Provide support on ideas of upskilling your volunteer pool and to turn them into your first line of community champions
  6. Repeat the Research
    We are committed to conducting research on an annual basis and linked to each production we tour to better understand the network and make sure we remain relevant and useful