house in the press

It’s my turn to blog. I find this a hard thing to do (just ask Katie who’s been trying to get me to do this by last Thursday’s deadline…).

In this digital age where everyone seems to tweet or has their own blog, it’s hard to work out what to write and of what use my musings may be to anyone. I’m not really known for my written prose or insightful comments on arts and theatre. I’m more widely known for my love of making touring happen, supporting venues and theatre companies (I’m also known for my love of coffee and cake but that’s another story).

As we’ve been making a lot of good things happen over the last year at house we’ve been attracting a lot of press. Thus I thought I’d take the easy way out of writing a blog and use links to house related articles instead.

Here’s a couple from The Stage newspaper from the in the last 2 weeks:

… and I was the subject of the 60 Second CV in last week’s physical copy of the paper (lucky for you it’s not available online).

Our captioned tour of The Girl with the Iron Claws was also a case study as part of Arts Professional’s Towards greater equality feature, published online last week: Quality Captioning.  

Thanks for taking the time to have a read.

Mark Makin, programme manager at house

P.S. – Bakewell Tarts are my current favourite in case you were wondering….