house at 10

In Spring 2012, Farnham Maltings formally launched their new South East England venues & touring initiative, house theatre. Over 10 years, house has toured over 100 productions throughout it’s network of 176 venues and have provided countless opportunities for venues to work & learn together and expand their theatre programme.

The South East has gone from one of the least toured areas of the country for contemporary theatre to the most toured and that is due in large part to house. We wish to thank everyone who has worked with house over the past decade and we hope to continue to provide support and encouragement to venues and theatre makers for years to come.

We would also like to extend a thank you to everyone who took part in our video to share their experiences of working with house through their lovely messages. Have a watch of the house at 10 video to join in with the warm, fuzzy feeling.

house in numbers

Here’s hoping you can join us for a birthday slice of cake very soon!