[UPstream] The Lamellar Project

[UPstream] The Lamellar Project

Project details

Pursued by a Bear’s The Lamellar Project is an international experiment, working virtually to create a new piece of live theatre in collaboration with Philadelphia based, US theatre company – Tiny Dynamite.

The Lamellar Project is set in the UK and America where Carys, a British research fellow and expert in the study of butterflies (Lepidoptera,) makes a startling discovery… butterflies have started to evolve at a faster rate in the last half century than was previously thought. As Carys discusses her findings with Michael – (her UK scientist husband), a theory starts to form… The increased rate of evolution is as a direct result of global climate change and the butterflies can’t keep up…huge swathes will become extinct in the next two decades leading to intense pressure on the food chain and a knock on effect to the future of mankind and the planet itself.

During the action ‘real life’ scientists will speak from their ‘real’ offices across the globe via Skype – elaborating on the issues addressed in the story and interacting with fictional characters…Part love story, part narrative webinar, part eco-thriller, The Lamellar Project is planned for full co-production with Tiny Dynamite in 2016/17.

For this phase of the project, Pursued by a Bear will develop initial material and rehearse two actors (UK and US based), culminating in a ‘scratch’ performance streamed live from the UK to Philadelphia, playing to an invited audience in both countries, as well as across the globe via the internet.

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