Ugly Chief

Ugly Chief

Project details

The Old Market is hosting a series of residencies for Victoria Melody, her dad, Mike Melody and director Paul Hodson, to explore ideas for a new show.

The project is called Ugly Chief, the Gaelic definition of ‘Melody’, and will explore the relationship between Victoria and Mike. Victoria explains more:

“Last year dad was diagnosed with motor neurons disease after his ailing health called for him to be tested. But further tests revealed that actually he didn’t have a disease and he is healthy. He was exposed as being lazy. This has all come about at the same time as I have been considering life. I’m 36 and the question “are you going to have kids?” seems to have dominated the last decade of my life. But I think I may be finally ready.

“There’s no one else like dad and me in the family, we are peas in a pod.  I ran away at 16 and never returned, we have been best friends and enemies my whole life. We are both born storytellers and our careers have recently taken us into the public spheres; dad on daytime TV and me in theatre. At Christmas time I filmed me asking him to make a theatre show with me – he said yes – and that is as far as we got. This idea is in its infancy but we know that we want to explore the biggies: life, death and relationships.”

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