Project details

There are a lot of queer women in Brighton.
There is a lot of Roller Derby in Brighton.
There is a fair bit of queer theatre in Brighton.
The Roller Derby is mostly full.
The Queer Theatre is often not.

This project looks into what audiences for Roller Derby are getting that theatre audiences are not. And vice-versa.

Mars.tarrab will immerse themselves in the world of Roller Derby, working with local teams to find out how Roller Girls Roll. They will also talk to dedicated Roller Derby audiences about what keeps them coming back.

Rachel (Mars) and nat (tarrab) will be artists in residence at a Roller Derby Team, exploring the show-womanship of the sport, and seeing how this can be translated into a performance project. This may result in performances at the Roller Derby games themselves, the construction of Brighton’s smallest Roller Derby in the Marlborough Theatre, and creating performance work with the Roller Girls and audiences themselves.

The product is as yet unknown but the process will provide unusual platforms for new performance in Brighton and criss-cross spectators and audiences in the city.


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