Project details

Wonderland will be a dance-theatre piece stemming from a desire to have a conversation with older people about sex, intimacy and the experience of ageing – subjects we don’t talk openly about enough (if at all). We live in an increasingly sexualized world yet the people who have been ‘doing it’ the longest are often not invited into the conversation. Wonderland will place older people centre stage in an adventurous, imaginative and political way.

The sexual revolution of the 60s and 70s was a time of unparalleled societal change. In its form, content and creation, Wonderland will engage with those who ‘came of age’ in the radical 60s and reflect on their direct experiences of that time and our modern sexual society. Wonderland will be made from lengthy and intimate research and rehearsal with these collaborators, found within the Canterbury community.

Encounter will offer five half-day workshops to participants aged 60-75 to open this conversation and to identify collaborators – and two weeks R&D at Marlowe Lab with these collaborators in August 2015. The aim is to create a work that is staged with untrained older performers from the South East, ensuring that in content and form older audiences are engaged in this project.

Provisional Timeline

July: Remote engagement with community – introduce project/identify collaborators. Work with signposters and community liaisons to support outreach.
August: R&D plus 5 creative engagement workshops with core company/community collaborators, culminating in a sharing of new work.
September: Evaluation and the potential for a further week of R&D and a work-in-progress showing at Marlowe Studio.


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