Seasons of a Lady

Seasons of a Lady

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Summer woman
His hearts treasure
Fiery, subliminal
Her voice is inexplicable pleasure
Her body his temple
Her body needs saving
Her body, his desire
In between her thighs is a craving
He is alive in the summer
Sublime in the summer
Cloud nine in the summer
She is divine, oh, Miss Summer

Summer is his true love
But the seasons must change
And just as the seasons come and go his loves are rearranged.
Desire changes with the seasons. c. 2018

Seasons of a Lady is a new 60-minute choreopoem play co-written by Keely Augustus and international writer Chiedza Danha. Rooted in spoken word, choreography and song, this lyrical play examines the premise of love and toxic relationships experienced by one woman through the collaborative eyes of four different seasons and stages of her life. As we progress from spring through to winter, will she learn from her past so she can finally let go and embrace her future?

The project will be a partnership with Midkent College Theatre, consisting of a period of script development work (with dramaturgy and specialist research fed back into the script) leading to a public rehearsed reading.

This development process will lead to a new piece of BME lyrical theatre on the theme of toxic love. Evaluation will note the impact it had on those who watched the show and engaged in the process.
The project will take place within a year, in two stages:
1. February to June 2018: Script development and a rehearsed reading of Seasons of a Lady, featuring a post show discussion.
2. September to December 2018: A stage production, Q+A opportunities with creatives/toxic love specialists.

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