Project details

A new indoor circus and theatre piece, Rise will use tightwire, dance, clown, live music and projection to capture Dizzy O’Dare’s surreal, eclectic and eccentric style.

Based on the theory of eternal return – the idea that we are destined to repeat personal encounters over many reincarnations, the piece explores a love story, maturing and letting go. Rise will explore the intervention of fate, as two people meet each other again and again in different scenarios, with different results. Rise will be a highly personal show that strikes a delicate balance between comedy and pathos.

Dizzy O’Dare will work with SeaChange Arts as producers of the show and create the work at the Drill House in Great Yarmouth- an International Centre of Excellence for circus and street arts. The organisations focus on circus and street arts grows naturally from the rich performance heritage of Great Yarmouth as a seaside town, and provides SeaChange with an accessible medium for all kinds of projects, interventions and activities.

After a 6 month, £1.6 million, capital development project the Drill House reopened for residencies in June 2016, whilst at the same time SeaChange entered into a long term partnership with Dizzy O’Dare as the venues resident company.

The development of Rise will support SeaChange to take the next step in the organisations development as producers and establish Dizzy O’Dare’s position as resident company. The project will also allow the Drill House to become more established as a creation centre and performance venue.

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