[Producer Fellowship] Natalie Querol with Shelley Theatre

[Producer Fellowship] Natalie Querol with Shelley Theatre

Project details

Dreams At Once Fantastic and Agreeable
A programme that will establish Shelley Theatre as a venue for the production and presentation of exciting new work. The proposal responds to the theatre’s aims to:

  • Further build its local audience base of adults and families
  • Develop relationships with local schools
  • Introduce more artists to the building and build relationships with touring companies
  • Increase the proportion of the programme made up of high quality new theatre
  • Develop a relationship with Arts Council England

Over the course of the Fellowship, Natalie will support three artist residencies each leading to the creation of new work. The first residency will be for a local artist to deliver a programme of free performance activity to introduce audiences to spaces around the building. This residency will be recruited via a direct approach and the artist will be invited to attend the initial consultancy sessions to meet audiences and inform the development of their performance programme.

The artist for the second residency will be identified specifically to make a new show for young audiences. This will be a direct approach informed by the conversations with local schools about their priorities. Within the residency the artist(s) will spend two weeks at Shelley Theatre during which they will be supported to connect with local schools. This residency will culminate in performances of the tour ready show at Shelley Theatre .

The third residency will be by open call. The call itself will raise the profile of the theatre nationally and the applications and interview process will introduce the theatre to a range of artists. The brief will include an outline of the dreams dreamt for the building by all participants in the consultation process to which applicants will need to respond. The residency will include two weeks development time at Shelley Theatre and performances of a tour ready show.

In combination the consultations and residencies will engage audiences in dreaming dreams of what the Shelley Theatre could be and generate three new pieces of work in response to those dreams, at least two of which will be suitable for onward touring.

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