Men and Girls Dance

Men and Girls Dance

Project details

Quarterhouse and Fevered Sleep will work together to research a new, dance-based performance piece with 12 girls aged 8-11 from the Folkestone area.  The final piece will have roots in the community of Folkestone and tour nationally from autumn 2015.

The project will enable both organisations to test a unique new approach to reaching out to local groups who aren’t currently engaging with the venue by placing them at the heart of the creative process at a very early stage in its development.

Men and Girls Dance, conceived by Fevered Sleep, will be performed by a group of male professional dancers (aged 35+) and a group of pre-adolescent girls (aged 8-11) who dance as a hobby. The company are fundamentally interested in what happens when two groups who are best seen as kept apart come together and perform in a public space.

Men and Girls Dance will be performed in partnership with local venues in unusual spaces where dance classes and other gatherings of people take place, such as church and village halls, community centres or sports halls.  Male professional dancers will perform the entire tour but girl performers will be recruited locally and perform in their area only.  This method of engaging new audiences as part of the creation and presentation of the work will embed it deeply in each location in which it is developed and performed, leaving a legacy for the participants and their families, partner venues and communities, as well as Fevered Sleep.

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