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Political apathy and right wing cynicism can be countered by powerful and relevant contemporary theatre. Young people need to be included in the most important debates.

Hidden is a novel written by Miriam Halahmy; Alix is 14, who lives on quiet Hayling Island.

One cold, misty Saturday morning on the beach she and her friend, Samir, find themselves saving a drowning asylum seeker. Faced with the most difficult decision of their lives, what should Samir and Alix do?

The project asks the young people of Thurrock the question, what would they do? Thurrock has a diverse community: Travellers, Bengali’s, West Africans. It has 17 UKIP local councillors. Local schools promote British Values: mutual respect, However the story is also of Samir’s reflections on his life in Bagdad. He misses his friend, the football they played together, the support they gave their local team, the food they ate, the things they laughed at. The project will aim to give young people an insight into Samir, as an ordinary boy, who in many ways shares many of the things they like. To do this the project will bring in a young artist from The Paper Project, a cohort of young refugee artists from Oval House, London. religious tolerance, democracy, individual liberty.

Working with theatre maker Stuart Mullins and Co Producer, Rebecca Laughton, Miriam’s novel will be given to schools; young people will be given an opportunity to debate the subject of immigration in relation to the story.


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