The Many Doors of Frank Feelbad

The Many Doors of Frank Feelbad

Project details

An intimate theatre experience for young children and their parents about loss, grieving and death. The story follows Frank, a young boy with a habit of losing things…

Some people are grey because they simply don’t play outside enough with their friends! Some people are grey because they’re very cold. Some people are grey because they are old. Or sick. Frank’s mum was sick. He remembered her looking quite grey one day. Her bright green eyes lost all the warmth they used to have.

Set in a bespoke installation, this new show sets out to tackle difficult subjects and themes in an intimate and interactive way that helps children and their grown-ups deal with loss in the present while cherishing memories of the past.

This project is part of Worthing Theatres’ progress towards developing a more ambitious programme, building new audiences and supporting the creation of new theatre in Worthing. Bootworks will create a number of new relationships for Worthing Theatres, particularly with the schools and colleges that will be engaging with the company’s creative process.

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