Project details

FROGMAN is a new idea by Jack Lowe of curious directive, a story inspired by a visit to Indonesia. As coral reefs face extinction by 2057, Frogman will enable young audiences to experience the reefs in a uniquely immersive way and see the damage taking place with their own eyes. It has the potential to inspire a generation to care more for their planet than the generations before.

curious directive will advance their critically acclaimed science-based theatre making by using exciting emerging technologies (including green screen & virtual reality) to creative a unique show for 8-12 year olds.

In order to make this a reality, TOM would like to support them to develop their storytelling skills in a digitally immersive world. The venue already has excellent links with the VR sector and a team of creative technologists that will enable the company to create pioneering work for UK theatre.

The story takes the young audiences on a journey of FROGMAN’s memories with his 8 yr old daughter, Meera, both at sea and beyond. It takes place in 2057 and 2016 as the reefs disappear. From FROGMAN’S boat, we hear a witty, heart-breaking tale of family, grief, and our capacity to have a deep empathy and connection with nature. The audience must help FROGMAN regain his powers and perhaps even come to terms with the loss of his daughter.

This project idea is the outcome of a synergy of the two organisations, and their desire to create new territories for theatre.

The Old Market specialise in supporting theatre makers that embrace new technologies in their practice. With the support of a GftA, we have developed a strand of work that can support pioneering projects with the right level of support from technologists and others. However, this funding does not go beyond that to support individual productions. With greenhouse seed funding it would enable the venue to offer production support which, in turn, builds on the venues growing sphere of influence within the sector.

The Old Market is already working with Jack Lowe of curious directive to inform our first stage work looking at 360 storytelling. If successful, curious will be at the venue for a period of R&D in Sept/Oct.  As the company create and try out ideas, TOM will provide studio support for filming in 360 and technical requirements (working with Driftwood, our creative media partner).  Ecology & film is very close to our hearts (our directors have made three large format films as well as developing the worlds first underwater IMAX rig) so we hope to involve the directors

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