A Disappearing Act

A Disappearing Act

Project details

Following my Pitch Up at The Garage, I was delighted when Single Shoe Productions approached me to ask if Sheringham Little Theatre might like to partner with them in developing their newest piece, A DISAPPEARING ACT.

I first met Single Shoe last January when they brought their show CRAZY GLUE to our venue through Creative Arts East. The company’s engaging humour and innovative, yet accessible style, proved a great success with our older and younger audiences alike. In addition, the workshops they led for Paston Sixth Form theatre students were extremely well received, with the teacher calling them, “inspiring, engaging and joyous”.

My interest grew even further when Filipa and Bradley described their new piece. A DISAPPEARING ACT is a clown show that will use magic, audience participation and music to explore the inevitable disappearing act of death, the rituals we use to accept it and how we say goodbye to the ones we love. This subject matter is highly pertinent for all members of our ageing community and the development of this piece will help open a dialogue between various age groups. In addition, it will further our ambition of encouraging our community to support non-traditional work.

The proposed partnership would take place over three weeks at Sheringham Little Theatre where the company would devise their work, hold workshops, present work-in-progress sharings and lead feedback sessions with audiences. Upon completion of the piece they will then perform the finished work for our community as part of a wider tour.

Sheringham Little Theatre is a little theatre with big ambition. We want to encourage our audience to try new things, take risks and change their perceptions. As these audiences participate in the development of a new interactive theatre piece they will create new dialogues and be inspired to expand the kinds of theatrical experiences they engage with.

This is an opportunity we have long wanted to offer our audience and, given Single Shoe’s previous engagement with our community, we believe they are the ideal partner for this project. With their support and this funding we could meet our ambition.

Sheringham Little Theatre will provide Single Shoe Productions with three weeks of rehearsal space, technical support and accommodation. The company will lead four workshops, present two work-in-progress sharings, hold two feedback sessions and commit to performing the completed work for our community once it is finished.

We will advertise the activity through mailings, email blasts and our brochure as well as via direct contact with our weekly classes for young people and extensive network of retired volunteers. Single Shoe will liaise with their creative team, plan their devising/teaching sessions and provide copy and images required to advertise the activity.

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