Wonderland: the Future

Wonderland: the Future

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It’s now been two months since the end of our time with Marlowe – enough time to reflect on the project (initially named Swingers but now, in part thanks to Richard Kingdom from house’s suggestion, renamed Wonderland) and to start putting in place plans for the future.  The future for Wonderland is exciting – the relationship we gained from greenhouse with Marlowe is an incredibly valuable one for us and we are already in talks with Adam Wood about how we might work together in 2016 to bring Wonderland to a full production.  Following our seed-funded R&D, we are a position where we feel comfortable going straight into a rehearsal process without further separate development – due in large part to the intensity and focus of work that the funding enabled us to commit too.  Too often, R&D processes take place in small chunks – a day here, a weekend here, a Skype meeting and a snatched conversation in between other projects.  For some projects, this is ideal – it gives the ideas time to come together, collaborators time to move onto the same page.  For Encounter though, our process is so essentially rehearsal-based (and our collaborators most often core company members who already have a shared language) – beginning from choreographic processes as much as from discussion or drafts of text.  For this reason, having the resources to commit to a substantial chunk of time actually in a rehearsal room is invaluable to us.  During the course of this seed-funding R&D, Wonderland went from an idea, a thought, a collection of themes and images, to a production.  There is still work to be done towards full production, but greenhouse has provided us with an invaluable jump-start, taking a risk on an ambitious and challenging production  and supporting us throughout and into the future.

The film of our R&D for Wonderland is here: https://vimeo.com/138502560

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