Theatrical development – Text, sound, film, performance

Theatrical development – Text, sound, film, performance

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  • Submitted By: Luan Blake

We took all the research material we had gathered and brought in two performers, Deb Pugh (Theatre Ad Infintum) and Janine Fletcher (The two Wrongies) as well as theatre designer Lucy Bradridge (Spy Monkey).


We worked with text written by Tara Gould based on our research time, and with my ideas for staging and direction. We played with film dance, repetative movement, recorded and live sound. It was an amazing time of exploration and experimentaton.

Lucy came up with some exciting ideas for staging and set. We also talked in detail about the potential for this work being made site responsive, depending on where we were presenting it.

Video footage and sound developments will be uploaded soon.

As a team, we started to develop the form of the work. Where could this be presented, what is the scale of the work, how many performers are needed, who will our audience be, what do we want the audience to take away with them as well as experience in the moment? These are all still ongoing and exciting questions.

More updates to follow – keep tuned in

I would like to Thank Greenhouse, for giving us this opportunity to develop this work. Also to all the creative team in this phase who made the journey an exciting one. And last but not least, to the venues from HOUSE and the communities in which we worked, for welcoming us in and supporting the project so far. Here’s to the future!

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