Roller Girls Begins

Roller Girls Begins

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We used to like getting bruised.

Last year we watched ‘Whip It’. That looks great, we thought, all the bashing around and the hot women and the blood and Drew Barrymore and Ellen Page.

Then we watched some actual Roller Derby on youtube.

Now we want to understand why 8000 women in the UK do Roller Derby, beyond the obvious attraction of finding a good pun name. And we want to do it in Brighton, home of the Brighton Rockers and the terribly queer programming of the Marlborough Theatre. Mars.tarrab often make work about the female experience, about aggression and competition and gender and queerness. We’re teaming up with both the Rockers and the Marlborough to start an investigation into scrimmage, violence, communities, jammers and fresh meat. And the results of ageing and fear on taking physical risks.

We’re starting our investigation next week.

‘It’s nothing like ‘Whip It’ ”
Season Sirens Roller Girl

‘It’s like an alternative Women’s Institute on skates’
Sarah Phillips

nat and Rachel x

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