Road Trip

Road Trip

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Yesterday was a busy day in OddManOut HQ as we started to put plans together for our imminent trip to the Phoenix Arts Centre ( in Bordon.

On November 9th we are excited to be heading down to visit Rob and the team and to start Research and Development on one of our new projects ‘Chilli Sauce’.

It’s 2am some are flying solo, some have hooked up, for some it started off as ladies night, and others, well, boys will be boys, pretty steaming, but all have one last stop to make before they take the long intrepid journey home concentrating on a) where they live and b) not to vom in the back of the cab, £10 charge. It’s ‘Chilli Sauce’, the man in the kebab van, where the kebabs are hot and the clientele ever hotter, well most of them, erm… maybe some of them. I’ll be honest the kebab are pretty good like, but it’s the constant stream of stories passing through George’s patch that make it the place to be on a Saturday night. It unknowingly brings together a community separated by today! An exploration of Modern-Britain through the people actually living it, Chilli Sauce looks at those turning against each other and asks what would happen if they joined together for a bigger cause! So why not join us at George’s kebab van, take up your seat, grab a beer and watch the story unfold. With live music, lots of liquor, and stories many of us already know the answers to, see what happen both behind and in front of the counter and when the kebab unites a community.

Set in and around George’s kebab van it will be a piece of new writing that asks who we are and where are we going?  As a company our focus is on investing, listening, and engaging with our community whilst producing high calibre work. As an arts organisation we want to communicate on a local level, with the driving force for the project being the discourse that grows from nurturing these relationships. We want to host a coffee morning, run a youth club, do a writing workshop with the WI, go and talk to people ordering a kebab at 2am from the Bordon Kebab Van. 


This projects is in the early stages of development and we are eager to spend four days exploring what it can be and who can and would want to be involved. We envisage this journey will take us all around the country and Bordon seems a great place to start!




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